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Together, We Win: Western Monmouth County Democrats Form a Coalition & Plan NJ-4 Candidates’ Forum

On Saturday, February 2nd, a spirited group of Democrats came together to create a coalition of clubs and committees from the western portion of Monmouth County.

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The newly formed Western Monmouth County Democratic Coalition will work collaboratively on some activities as well as support each town’s independent efforts. Their goal: to deliver Democratic votes throughout a region historically ceded to the Republican Party.

Each election cycle, hundreds, possibly thousands of Democratic votes go untapped in Western Monmouth municipalities that have been routinely rated “reliably red” and considered unwinnable. Yet, it’s not just thinking, “what’s the point, we’ll lose anyway,” that keeps Democratic vote totals down and participation in Democratic clubs and committees low. Other factors — duplication of effort, fundraising fatigue, scheduling conflicts, trying to cover large geographic areas with small numbers of local volunteers, etc. – play a role. Fortunately, these are things that a coalition of groups with similar goals can change.

By combining resources, sharing information, undertaking joint ventures, and coordinating individual efforts, the Western Monmouth County Democratic Coalition will be able to increase Democratic voter engagement and enthusiasm, voter turnout and voter involvement in local Democratic politics.

Their first collaboration a CD4 Candidates’ Forum in Manalapan on Thursday, February 20th. All three of the Democratic candidates in line to challenge Chris Smith for his CD-4 congressional seat – David Applefield, Christine Conforti and Stephani Schmid — will participate in this moderated discussion. Questions from attendees are encouraged, and index cards for questions will be provided at the door.

The free event takes place at the Community Refuge Church, 4 Sobechko Rd, Manalapan, 07726 from 7 – 8:30 PM. Limited seating. Reservations required. Email:

To view the Facebook Event, use this link


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