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Special Election for Monmouth County’s State Committee Seat Ends Without Certification

During the pandemonium of the holiday season there was an election in Monmouth County for a recently vacated State Committee seat.

By Ian Nugent in goings on · Jan 06
Photo via Unsplash user Josh Carter

During the pandemonium of the holiday season there was an election in Monmouth County for a recently vacated State Committee seat. Although a minor role in scope, the members of State Committee represent the tradewinds of political sentiment and illuminate important party officials who — more often than not — have been working behind the scenes.

What do they do?

Among their chief responsibilities is voting to elect the New Jersey Democratic Committee Chairperson. However, there hasn’t been a contested election in quite some time.

Keeping consummate with this history, as recent as last December we saw an agreement between incumbent State Democratic Chairman John Currie and Essex County Democratic Chairman LeRoy Jones avoiding a conflict at the battle box. The result is LeRoy Jones will support John Currie for re-election with John Currie supporting LeRoy Jones for New Jersey Democratic Chairman next.

Otherwise, the role is largely ceremonial with a commitment of three to four annual meetings.

Who ran?

Steven Farkas recently entered the New Jersey political zeitgeist from an inspiring although unsuccessful 2019 run for State Assembly in the 30th district. Farkas championed progressive-wing ideals with a focus on Medicare for All.

Matt Anderson is a young political upstart with a background serving Monmouth County’s Democratic party in a vast array of functions. First, Matt served the Monmouth Democrats directly as the party’s municipal campaign director before transitioning to the party’s executive director. Then, he went on to serve as Joanne Downey and Eric Houghtaling’s chief of staff (legislative district 11).

Currently, Matt is enrolled at Seton Hall Law School, serves on the Monmouth County Conservation Foundation as a trustee, and is President of Millennials for New Jersey — whose mission is to recruit and elect qualified millennials to public office in New Jersey.

Who won?

Although Matt Anderson received more votes due to a lack of quorum, the results can’t be certified. The seat will remain vacant until June 2020.


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