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Penna & Nelson Announce Second Run for Monmouth County Freeholder with Endorsements from Across the County

Michael Penna & Moira Nelson, Candidates for Monmouth County Freeholder in 2019, today announced their run for Monmouth County Freeholder in 2020.

By The Hum Team in goings on · Feb 05
Photo courtesy of Penna & Nelson

Monmouth County, NJ – February 5, 2020

Building upon the momentum from their 2019 candidacy, Democrats Michael Penna and Moira Nelson, have announced that they will be running for Monmouth County Freeholder again in 2020. With tremendous support from across the county, the duo intends to work hard to earn voter support to win these two seats on the board. The candidates feel that this election year is a critical one and decided that the timing was optimal for running again right away. They are ready to fight for Monmouth County residents and are running to bring new leadership and fresh voices to the Monmouth County Freeholder board.

Penna and Nelson are endorsed by the following Democratic leaders across Monmouth County:

  • Joseph J. Martucci, Aberdeen Deputy Mayor
  • Arthur Hirsch, Aberdeen Council Member
  • Concetta B Kelly, Aberdeen Council Member
  • Margaret Montone, Aberdeen Council Member
  • Robert L Swindle, Aberdeen Council Member
  • Joe Grillo, Asbury Park Democratic Committee Chair
  • Angela Anderson, Asbury Park Democratic Committee Vice Chair
  • Lori C. Hohenleitner, Atlantic Highlands Councilwoman
  • Regina Hawley-Keelen, Atlantic Highlands Democratic Committee Chair
  • Maria Rondinaro, Belmar Democratic Committee Chairwoman
  • Al Gubitosi, Bradley Beach Councilman
  • Tim Sexsmith, Bradley Beach Councilman
  • Steve Lozowick, Bradley Beach Democratic Committee Chair
  • Larry Fox, Bradley Beach Democratic Club Chairman
  • Geri Jannarone, Brielle Democratic Committee Chairwoman
  • Meghan Chrisner-Keefe, Fair Haven Councilwoman
  • Christopher Rodriguez, Fair Haven Councilman
  • Liz deBeer, Fair Haven Democratic Committee Co-Chair
  • Shervyn Von Hoerl, Fair Haven Democratic Committee Co-Chair
  • Adam Reich, Freehold Borough Councilman
  • Margaret Rogers, Freehold Borough Councilwoman
  • Annette Jordan, Freehold Borough Democratic Committee Chair
  • Meg Thomann, Freehold Township Committee Chair
  • Scott Berlin, Freehold Township Democratic Club President
  • JJ Mistretta, Freehold Township Democratic Club Member
  • Barbara Singer, Holmdel Democratic Committee Vice Chair
  • Janis Iwanyk, Howell Democratic Committee Vice Chair
  • Gregory Siciliano, Keansburg Democratic Committee Chair
  • Marie Jimenez, Keansburg Democratic Committee Vice Chair
  • Matt Kitchen, Keansburg County Committeeperson
  • Collette Kennedy, Mayor of Keyport
  • Dennis Fotopoulos, Keyport Councilman & Democratic Committee Chair
  • Matthew Goode, Keyport Councilman
  • Victoria Pacheco, Keyport Councilwoman
  • Joseph Sheridan, Keyport Council President
  • Delia Sosa McDermott, Keyport Councilwoman
  • Matthew Cohen, Little Silver Democratic Committee Chair
  • Joan Gotti, Little Silver Democratic Committee Vice Chair and Club President
  • Amy Eklof, Little Silver Democratic Club Vice President and County Committee Member
  • Kevin McGettigan, Little Silver Democratic Club member
  • David Kane, Manalapan Township Democratic Committee Chair
  • Susan Meltsner, Manalapan Township Democratic Club President
  • Robin Nowicki, Manalapan Democratic County Committeeperson
  • Deana Gunn, Matawan Councilwoman
  • Brian Livesey, Matawan Councilman
  • Malini Guha, Matawan Democratic County Committeeperson
  • Tricia Maguire, Middletown Democratic County Committeeperson
  • Sandy Van Sant, Monmouth Beach Democratic Committee Chair
  • Glen Kocsis, Neptune City Councilperson
  • Pamela Renee, Neptune City Councilperson
  • Christina Kocsis, Neptune City Democratic Committee Chair
  • Members of the Neptune Progressives:
  • Dr. Jim Chenitz, Susan Chenitz, Nancy S. Clarke, Lynn Cremona, Margaret Grove, Mike Hendricks, Freda Karpf, Frank Luthe, Kathleen McEnerney, Heather Meade, Ian Nugent, Valerie Onorata, Erik Perry, Rosie Perry, Gail Richardson, Ashley Vidal
  • Margie Donlon, Ocean Township Councilwoman
  • Steve Clayton, Ocean Township Democratic Committee Member
  • Kathy Horgan, Red Bank Councilwoman
  • Kate Triggiano, Red Bank Councilwoman
  • Hazim Yassin, Red Bank Councilman
  • Ed Zipprich, Red Bank Councilman
  • Susan Boyce, Rumson Democratic Committee Chair
  • Mitch Kulberg, Tinton Falls Democratic Committee Chair
  • Tom Yaccarino, Tinton Falls Democratic County Committeeperson
  • Lauren Albrecht, Wall Township Democratic County Committeeperson
  • Christian Albrecht, Wall Township Democratic County Committeeperson
  • Mark Engel, West Long Branch Democratic Committee Chair
  • Melanie Engel, West Long Branch Democratic Committee Member
  • Ellen Karcher, Former State Senator
  • Charlie Fallon, Former Monmouth County Freeholder
  • Amy Mallet, Former Monmouth County Freeholder
  • Allison Friedman, Matawan-Aberdeen BOE Member
  • Jack Mamiye, Monmouth County Democrats Young Progressives Caucus Chair
  • Anita Clavering, Monmouth County Democrats Disability Caucus Chair
  • Tara Shearer, Monmouth County Democrats Disability Caucus Vice Chair
  • David Lande, Attorney

“I applaud Penna & Nelson’s decision to run again for Monmouth County Freeholder, building on the momentum as a team who offers voters fresh ideas and accountability on issues ranging from the reclamation center in Tinton Falls to affordable community college as well as growing our local green economy. I fully support their tireless efforts to end the Monmouth County Freeholders’ one-party rule to ensure checks and balances for the county’s taxpayers,” said Liz deBeer, Democratic Municipal Co-Chair, Fair Haven, NJ.

Nelson commented, “We listened to thousands of voters across the county last year. One thing was clear- they desperately want to be heard and the vast majority of them do not feel they are currently being represented. I entered politics as an advocate for those suffering from substance use disorders. I’ve always used my voice to speak on behalf of others – especially vulnerable populations and marginalized communities. Fighting for the residents of this county is no different. Michael and I knew we needed to come back and finish the job we set out to do. We’re excited by the enthusiasm for our second run and are humbled by the outpouring of support. We are incredibly grateful for the endorsements we’ve received from Democratic leaders from across the county so far and we expect to earn endorsement by the Monmouth County Democrats at their annual convention in March.”

Penna said, “As Moira and I campaigned last year, we repeatedly heard stories of families stressed by high taxes, concerns about the threats of climate change and environmental issues, and frustration with the lack of adequate funding for our community college. A common theme was the need for a new vision and direction that will be more inclusive of our residents’ needs. The experience of campaigning only deepened my love for this county and confirmed for me that we can do better. We can do better and we must do better for our communities. Let’s remember the essential values of kindness and understanding. This is why I am running for Monmouth County Freeholder again in 2020.”

As they continue to campaign across the County in 2020, Michael Penna and Moira Nelson are prioritizing local, non-partisan issues that involve education, the environment and the local economy. A few examples include addressing concerns with the Monmouth County Reclamation Center and proposing long-term, “green” waste management solutions, funding mechanisms for Brookdale Community College and allocating funding to support educators and support staff, implementing harm-reduction solutions to tackle the overdose epidemic that is destroying families across the County, and funding social services appropriately so that no one is left behind.

About Michael Penna & Moira Nelson for Freeholder

Michael lives in Belmar, he is an educator teaching Drama and English to at-risk and special needs children at Collier High School, and he is a PhD candidate. He is dedicated to social justice and equality for all residents, he is an advocate for the disabled, and is a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Moira was born & raised in Monmouth County, is a long-time fashion industry executive, she is dedicated to civic engagement and justice. As a drug policy reform advocate, she uses her voice to speak up for those suffering from substance use disorders, and she has mentored women in recovery, underprivileged teens, and young professionals throughout her adult life.

Michael and Moira envision a County government that is representative of ALL residents - women, people of color, children, seniors, veterans, members of the LGBTQ+ community, the homeless, those suffering from substance use disorders, the working class and small business owners - EVERYONE. Michael and Moira are committed to listening, to focusing on solutions, and if elected, they would be honored to represent your concerns on the Freeholder Board. We need a clear, ambitious, innovative vision that honors our heritage and carries us through the 21st century.

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